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Naturalized animals

The animal beauty

The animal beauty

Naturalization Service showing the greatest respect to the animal with a remarkably realistic result.

A unique opportunity to offer a second life and an eternal beauty to all our animals.

In the last twenty years, taxidermy techniques have evolved considerably. The best craftsmen have put straw aside to work more sustainably with a polyurethane form. Now we no longer speak of "stuffing" or "stuffed animals."

A much stronger material which does not rot and lasts a lifetime is used. The shape is built in the United States according to the desired position and the exact measurements of the animal. Once the shape is built and shipped, it is refined to highlight the muscles and some details, including the veins of the animal. This is what makes it so alive.

The skin of the animal is cleaned in a bath of formic acid to be carefully prepared prior to the mounting. What follows is a long stage of dressing while the cape is kept wet. The skin is then sewn invisibly while it is still wet and the nit is dried, a process which can take several days.
What makes our animals strikingly real is the stare of their eyes. The lifelike appearance of the animal is often the décisive factor in the emotion of the buyer to purchase the animal. After a drying phase, there is a cold setting, which will fix the work.

Finally, the taxidermist will add the finishing touches by applying makeup around the eyes, the nose or the mouth which may have been requested to be open or closed.
Our Taxidermist is an alchemist, a wizard, and does a lot of research to find out the most realistic colors. Nature is his passion. He has worked behind scenes quietly, for Natural History Museums worldwide. It is a real opportunity to acquire some species which may completely die out and considered works of art.

I am proud to contribute to the modernization of an art that is considered old-fashioned. My mission is to enhance the image of a New Taxidermy by producing multiple publications featuring our animals in ultra contemporary interiors.

Do not hesitate to talk about us, of contact us for further information.

Gonzague Vanoverberghe


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We remind you that we naturalize animals coming exclusively from zoos.


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