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Naturalized animals

Skin and design

Once the skin is prepared, we design a polyurethane shape corresponding to the species of animal in the position the purchaser has chosen, and the Taxidermist meticulously works on it to make it perfectly suited to the measures of the skin.

Here are the pictures of one of our major realizations. After we have put the skin of the lion in a bath of formic acid, it is dried and placed in a rotating drum to properly inflate the hair. You can admire the example of this beautiful lion. We started with the prepared skin (Photo 1) to proceed to mounting it on the polyurethane shape designed in a sitting position (Photos 2 and 3), and finally the Lion appears in its final state ( right).

Illustrative picture

This Lion fully naturalized, stronger than ever, can live again and forever. For the maintenance of the animal when delivered, just a stroke of duster time to time is more than enough. However, for the brightly colored birds, it is recommended not to expose them long-term close to a window or a bay window unless they have undergone prior to the installation of a UV filter.

We remind you that all animals that our Taxidermist recovers, come from zoos located in Europe. All were born in captivity and died of natural death.

Illustrative picture
Illustrative picture
Illustrative picture

The work of the taxidermist in video

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We remind you that we naturalize animals coming exclusively from zoos.

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